5 Reasons You Should Start Taking Liquid Vitamins

5 Reasons You Should Start Taking Liquid Vitamins

5 Reasons You Should Start Taking Liquid Vitamins

We take vitamins to sustain or improve our health as they contain vital nutrients that need constant replenishing. There are two types of vitamins that we may take: solid and liquid. Solid vitamins are more common, but liquid vitamins have a lot of benefits that solid vitamins lack, and there are multiple reasons to start taking them.

Easier to Consume

It is easier to consume a liquid than a solid, especially for people who suffer from digestive issues. Liquid vitamins are easy to swallow, so the chances of choking are low. This form of vitamin is excellent for children and older adults who may have trouble swallowing and for all individuals with dietary restrictions or nutritional sensitivities.

Faster Absorption

Another reason you should start taking liquid vitamins is that they get absorbed by the body faster. Solid vitamins and powders take longer to break down because it takes time for stomach acids to dissolve them. Liquid vitamins are taken in by the mucous membranes and distribute nutrients faster.

Purer, Cleaner Product

A big benefit of liquid vitamins is that they come without binders and fillers typically found in tablets and capsules. At HomeopathyStore, we aim to provide the purest, safest, and highest quality remedies and supplements. Now you can buy homeopathic remedies and get your liquid vitamins—all lactose free, gluten free, GMO free, and vegan—here at HomeopathyStore.com and combine them to achieve your wellness goals.

Easy Dosing

Solid vitamins contain a set amount of nutrients in a single pill or dose. But a bottle of a liquid vitamin provides the option to adjust your dose from a megadose to a regular dose or a child’s dose to even smaller doses distributed over the day. In addition, you have the choice to take your dose directly by mouth or to mix it with water or even your or your child’s favorite juice.

Quicker Results

Faster results is another reason you should start taking liquid vitamins. Since liquids assimilate more quickly into the body, it makes sense that liquid vitamins will reach the parts of the body that need them in a shorter time. As mentioned above, solid vitamins take more time to break down and affect the body, while liquid vitamins go to work faster and are gentler to the body.

Solid vitamins have their benefits, but liquid vitamins offer more. HomeopathyStore is committed to liquid supplements, including homeopathic remedies, herbal formulas, and liquid vitamins to help you feel your best.

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