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Homeopathic Single Remedies and their Potencies

Single remedies come in different potencies. Below is a guide for choosing among the three most popular potencies.


The 6C potency is a great potency to try a remedy for the first time and to coach the body back into balance when experiencing small acute conditions like an upset stomach or a stuffy nose during allergy season. Take the remedy two to four times a day for as long as a week. Take it again when you need it. A stronger potency doesn’t necessarily mean it is a better potency. A 6C low potency can become a trusted friend whenever you need it for as long as you need it.


Used more rarely, the 12C potency may be prescribed by your healthcare provider or you might prefer to use this potency for a less acute physical problem that has been lingering for some time or is returning, like a skin condition, once to twice a day for several weeks.


The 30C potency is the most frequently used potency and was Dr. Hahenman’s preferred potency. It is perfect for first aid, colds and flus, before and after workout, gardening, a dental visit, everyday concerns, and emotional conditions like sadness, stress, or sleeplessness. Use it two to four times per day for a few days and again when you need it.

At HomeopathyStore, we recommend that higher potency single remedies are taken when recommended by a healthcare practitioner. For higher potencies or single remedies not listed on our website, please send us a message or call us at (888) 405-7551.

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