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Winter Balance II

Winter Balance II

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Kosher-certified, lactose-free, sugar-free acute cold & flu relief*

Content: Mouth spray (30 ml)



Winter Balance II is a lactose-free, sugar-free, and vegan natural remedy for seasonal colds and the flu that is kosher-certified by KOF-K. Winter Balance II is a blend of targeting agents which focus on the various stages of a cold or flu and fortify the lungs and nasal passages to help you breathe more easily and recover faster and more gently. Symptoms may include:

  • runny nose
  • cough, sore throat, congestion
  • fever, chills, weakness
  • sore eyes, headache
  • earache, swollen glands
  • pain in bones and joints

Winter Balance includes Aconite Napellus, Belladonna, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Bryonia Alba, and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Also included are Krebs cycle acids which keep the metabolism of our body's cells functioning properly. This speeds up the recovery time by supporting energy levels and ensuring the body is able to efficiently process waste materials.

Winter Balance's lactose-free, sugar-free, and kosher formulation makes it ideal for consumers with dietary restrictions. It is prepared in our certified homeopathic pharmacy with organic and kosher alcohol (20%) and distilled water (80%).


Spray 3 squirts under tongue at first sign of symptoms. Allow liquid to remain in mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Use 4 times a day. Reduce frequency upon improvement.

Take 15 minutes before or after food or drinks.

Pure spray contains organic and kosher alcohol and is for adults and children 13 years of age or older. Follow the alternative method of administration below for children under 13 and to avoid alcohol:

Put 3 squirts in 1 ounce of warm, filtered water. Let sit in open air for 20 to 30 minutes for alcohol to evaporate. Take liquid in a clean mouth and keep in mouth for a few seconds.


Homeotherapeutic ingredients: Aconitum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Eupatorium, proprietary colon and nasal mucosa support combination, Krebs cycle acids Natrum Pyruvicum, Cis-Aconitum, Anthroquinone, Hepatitis B (all 6C, 12C, 30C, and 200C)

Inactive ingredients: 80% distilled water (steamed), 20% pure alcohol (organic, kosher)

Sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, kosher, vegan

More information about the manufacturing process

Safety Information

If symptoms persist or worsen or are accompanied by a high fever — especially if the patient is a small child, older adult, pregnant or nursing woman, or a person with a chronic disease or weakened immune system — consult a professional healthcare provider. As with any drug, keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

More Information

To find out about lactose-free, sugar-free, kosher, and vegan flu protection and how to build up your body's natural defense against cold & flu viruses, see Winter Tonic Plus with Influenzinum and Thymuline.

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