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Cold & Flu Relief

Cold & Flu Relief

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For the relief of symptoms that accompany the common cold and influenza (flu)

Content: 85 pellets



Homeopathic remedy for the cold and flu. Cold & Flu Relief has been carefully formulated to help provide fast relief of

  • fever, chills, and shivers,
  • stuffy and runny nose,
  • violent coughing,
  • body aches and headache,
  • burning eyes,
  • nausea,
  • weakness and fatigue.

Natural homeopathic Cold & Flu Relief is a smart alternative to conventional over-the-counter cold and flu medicines which may cause drowsiness and other undesired side effects. It is a perfect blend of the best known herbal ingredients fighting cold and flu symptoms. Strengthen your body from within, beat back viruses, and relieve symptoms naturally with this popular remedy! Prepared from natural sources for a healthy lifestyle.

For cold and flu protection and to build up your natural defenses against flu viruses during the winter months and all year long, see Influenzinum and our Influenzinum & Thymuline Combo.

For acute relief from sudden flu symptoms, see Anacoccinum, a natural flu relief remedy made with the ingredient Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum in the 200C potency just like Oscillococcinum or Oscillo.


Turn tube upside down. Twist cap to break the seal, or peel off the small portion of the label along the perforated line. Hold tube vertically and keep twisting cap to release the desired number of pellets.

Take 3 to 5 pellets 3 times a day or as needed away from meals, letting the pellets drop directly from the cap into your mouth. At onset of symptoms, take one dose (3 to 5 pellets) hourly. Decrease frequency with improvement. Allow pellets to completely dissolve in your mouth. Children under 12 years of age use half of the adult dose or as directed by your doctor.


Active homeopathic ingredients: Aconitum nap. 14X, Allium cepa 8X, Arnica m. 8X, Belladonna 8X, Dulcamara 8X, Eupatorium cann. 8X, Gelsemium 18X

Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose

Dietary restrictions? See Winter Balance II for our liquid cold & flu remedy.

Safety Information

If symptoms persist or worsen or are accompanied by a high fever — especially if the patient is a small child, older adult, pregnant or nursing woman, or a person with a chronic disease or weakened immune system — consult a professional healthcare provider. As with any drug, keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

More Information

Both, the common cold and the flu (influenza) are viral infections of the respiratory tract that spread via droplets in the air or through hand-to-hand contact predominantly during seasons that force us to spend a lot of time indoors. While the cold usually develops slowly, the flu comes on suddenly. The flu also triggers a higher fever (100 F or 38 C), makes us feel a lot worse with an increased level of weakness, and may effect not only nose and throat but also the lungs.

More than 100 viruses can cause the common cold; still, the most common cold virus is the highly contagious rhinovirus. Children as well as adults can expect to catch a cold several times each year.

Influenza viruses keep changing. While we develop antibodies that fight a particular strain of the virus, we can always get infected by a flu virus that is substantially different from one we had before.

Cold & Flu Relief is an effective homeopathic formula trusted by hundreds of more people each year. It's natural ingredients help bring rapid relief of the painful symptoms associated with the cold and flu. When taken at the onset of symptoms, Cold & Flu Relief can stop the illness in its tracks.

If you experience substantial pain when swallowing or if your cold and flu symptoms usually start or include a painful sensation in your throat, also see Sore Throat Soothe.

If untreated or lingering due to lack of rest, both — the cold and the flu — may result in secondary infections including strep throat and sinusitis (sinus infection). Sinus Relief is a homeopathic remedy especially prepared to treat all sinus conditions.

Avoid secondary infections and the need for antibiotics with Cold & Flu Relief, Sinus Relief, and Sore Throat Soothe!

Keep your cold and sinus remedies handy and take them at the first signs of weakness — especially when you are traveling or when you and/or other family members go back to school or work after a break.

For a speedy recovery follow these healthy and natural lifestyle choices:

  • consume plenty of water, hot tea, or soup,
  • increase your amount of sleep,
  • keep your home warm but not overheated,
  • use a bulb syringe or neti pot to rinse your nasal passages.

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