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We love hearing from our customers. If you have a story to share about using our products or homeopathy in general, please contact us.

"A friend referred me to your site. I have been so delighted by the response and kindness your company provides! Thank you so much!"
– Laurie, OR
"The remedy I have fallen in love with is Influenzinum 9C. This past flu season all the members of our extended family but one (15) took the remedy as directed as a preventative. Only 1 person came down with the 'Flu of the Year' and that was the one person who did not take the remedy. Thank you for carrying it."
– Carol, WA
"The Allergy Escape spray really helps. I am more free of tissues and constant nose-blowing than I have ever been before! Thank you."
– Jojo, OR
"I gave 2 of your cell salt tablets yesterday (Magnesia Phosphorica) to my horse when she had a little gas colic, and she was walking comfortably within an hour. My neighbor is a homeopath so I am very fortunate to be steered in the right direction at these times."
– Carol, AZ
"We have been very pleased with both the High Blood Pressure Relief and the Anxiety Relief formulas. I am recommending you to friends and family. Also for your exceptional customer service!"
– Gail, PA
"I used the Detox Escort recently, and I really liked it. Unlike other detox products on the market, Detox Escort cleanses your system and is very gentle on your body. I noticed that my skin started to look better. It also helped me flush out a medication I had allergies to in only a couple of days. I am going to use this product again because I truly believe in it and how it can help your body cleanse itself from all the toxins we consume every day."
– Haleh, MD
"We ordered the high blood pressure pellets, and we were very happy with them. My husband is allergic to all the chemical pills he has tried for high blood pressure, and there have been a number of them, but your pellets give him no problems."
– Sandra, AL
"My name is Dolores, and I want to share a little bit of my experience taking acute Asthma Relief. I went to visit my sister during the holidays. She gave me a tube of the Asthma Relief pellets, and I was amazed at the results I got. She knew I suffered with asthma through my adult years and wanted to see if this would help me. Well again, I AM AMAZED at the results. I just put 3 to 4 pellets under my tongue if I began to cough and that would be the end of my coughing. Before taking this remedy, I would go into a coughing spell and get out of breath till I had to use my emergency inhaler. Now it's your turn, and let us know how you feel. You will be amazed. Thank you, Homeopathy Store!"
– Dolores, NY
"My entire life I have been really lucky to have wonderful skin. At 22 years old, I got Eczema on my elbows. I desperately tried to call my dermatologist so it could be diagnosed, but he had no appointments for 2 months, and the itching was only getting worse. So, rather than wait around I decided to look into other alternatives. I started taking the Eczema Relief pellets on a regular basis three times a day and it became habit. I hardly noticed that my eczema was basically gone by the time my appointment came with my dermatologist. He diagnosed me and prescribed creams. I used them only a few times to see that it was only making the itching come back again. So, I put the cream in the back of my cabinet and started taking my pellets again. Before I knew it, my eczema was gone."
– Jennifer L.

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