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"Thank you for all the helpful tips and data on your products. I learned about your product line from one of the parents of my preschool students last year. The parent is an ER doc and she swears by your stuff. I thought that was pretty telling and says a lot about your products."
– Amy, TX
"Thank you very much Anna. Your website was recommended by someone I trust and I'll be a repeat customer."
– Dawn, TX
homeopathic flu vaccine "My two children have been using Influenzinum and Thymuline for two years now as an alternative to the flu shot, and we have been very happy with the results thus far. It is easy to administer and is always taken without complaint! I am not only impressed with the products the Homeopathy Store has to offer, but I am also truly impressed by the customer service. I asked (and continue to ask!) many questions along the way as I transitioned from the traditional flu shot to the homeopathic remedies, and the Homeopathy Store always offered me a very thorough response and responded in a very timely manner. It is a level of service that is often hard to come by these days!"
– Kate, CA
"Thank you! We absolutely love your supplements and your service."
– Liz, OR
homeopathic flu vaccination "I love your flu remedy [Influenzinum and Thymuline Combo], take it every year, haven't had the flu for I don't know how long, can't remember the last time."
– Kuniko, NY
Elderberry Syrup “Last spring, I had terrible allergy problems and used 3 inhalers. I am just returning from 10 days on vacation where we had no A/C, which normally is not bearable for me, and I was fine. I used the Allergy Escape spray diligently and have only a few symptoms left.”
– Jo, PA
"I appreciate the personal attention you've given - kudos to your company."
– Julie, IN
 homeopathic flu prevention "The remedy I have fallen in love with is Influenzinum 9C. This past flu season all the members of our extended family but one (15) took the remedy as directed as a preventative. Only 1 person came down with the 'Flu of the Year' and that was the one person who did not take the remedy. Thank you for carrying it."
– Carol, WA
Hyland's Cold n' Flu  "The Allergy Escape spray really helps. I am more free of tissues and constant nose-blowing than I have ever been before! Thank you."
– Jojo, OR
"I gave 2 of your cell salt yesterday (Magnesia Phosphorica) to my horse when she had a little gas colic, and she was walking comfortably within an hour. My neighbor is a homeopath so I am very fortunate to be steered in the right direction at these times."
– Carol, AZ
"A friend referred me to your site. I have been so delighted by the response and kindness your company provides! Thank you so much!"
– Laurie, OR
"Thank you so much for your Hair-X product! My hair started growing back."
– Lita, AZ
Oscillococcinum "I have successfully used Vigoril Plus now for almost two months, and the results are remarkable! It is like being 30 again as I now experience spontaneous erections early morning, midday, evening, and late at night. When I am with my significant other, there is no lack of confidence, nor hesitation in response. I would highly recommend Vigoril Plus to any man who seeks a gentle or natural solution to a reluctant erection."
– Charlie P.
CoxiFlu "Hi! Ordering from you again (did so last year). By this time last year, my 4 kids already were sick sequentially for 6 week straight! This year I started the Influenzinum and Thymuline for the whole family once a week starting in September. I've only had one cold myself so far. The kids have stayed healthy so far!
Looking forward to doing this year's preparation."
– Melissa, CA
"My entire life I have been really lucky to have wonderful skin. At 22 years old, I got Eczema on my elbows. I desperately tried to call my dermatologist so it could be diagnosed, but he had no appointments for 2 months, and the itching was only getting worse. So, rather than wait around I decided to look into other alternatives. I started taking the Eczema Relief pellets on a regular basis three times a day and it became habit. I hardly noticed that my eczema was basically gone by the time my appointment came with my dermatologist. He diagnosed me and prescribed creams.  I used them only a few times to see that it was only making the itching come back again. So, I put the cream in the back of my cabinet and started taking my pellets again.  Before I knew it, my eczema was gone."
– Jennifer L.
"I tried to quit smoking for eight months using different products and will power, none was sufficient to curb the urge to smoke. I ordered EZ-Quit and used it as directed. I was surprised that I quit smoking cigarettes in such a short time. I have not smoked now for over 5 months, and the desire to smoke has been lifted from my thoughts. The most appealing aspect of using EZ-Quit was that unlike the patch that puts a steady supply of nicotine in the body, I could use EZ-Quit only when I had the urge to smoke."
– Michael, TX
"I want to tell you that Blatrol Bladder Relief is an extreme improvement for me over the prescription medication. With the prescription meds, I still constantly had the feeling that I needed to go, but not with the Blatrol. The other major difference is that with the Blatrol, I don't have all of the side effects like dry mouth, headache, etc. My frequency has been reduced to what I would consider normal when I compare myself to others."
– Lesa, AZ
"I used the Detox Escort recently, and I really liked it. Unlike other detox products on the market, Detox Escort cleanses your system and is very gentle on your body. I noticed that my skin started to look better. It also helped me flush out a medication I had allergies to in only a couple of days. I am going to use this product again because I truly believe in it and how it can help your body cleanse itself from all the toxins we consume every day."
– Haleh, MD
"I am pleased with how fast the Anxiety Relief pellets work. I take a dose and really notice a difference."
– Liz, MD
"I started using Detox Escort in conjunction with a clean eating plan and new workout regimen. I noticed immediately that my energy levels went up. I was able to workout harder and stronger. I believe Detox Escort helped in cleaning my system, and also helped me reach my goal of losing body fat faster."
– Carolyn, KS
homeopathic flu medicine  "The Sinus Relief has worked well for my husband and 10-year-old son. It has prevented the use of over-the-counter meds. We will continue to use this remedy! I also like the small packaging — very easy to carry in a purse or pocket...and the small 'beads' dissolve easily in your mouth."
– Heidi, GA
"I recently started a new job and found myself in a lot of situations where I felt anxious. Being armed with Anxiety Relief helped a lot. I feel like it calmed my nerves and gave me the confidence I needed to perform at my best."
– Jane, VA
"I detox twice a year primarily to improve the look of my skin. Detox Escort makes my pores smaller and my skin tone more even. I have a scar on my chest from a burn several years ago, and every time I detox with Detox Escort, the look of my scar improves. Thank you!"
– Leslie, NY
Influenzinum  "I recently was introduced to homeopathy and have been very pleased with the results of the products. I was a little skeptical about these little pellets, but they are super effective. I've utilized the Sinus Relief and the Acid Reflux Relief and have passed them on to family and friends. Thanks HomeopathyStore.com!
– Charlotte, MD
homeopathic flu vaccine "Last week, I felt especially stressed out by a work situation and was unable to concentrate and focus on addressing the problem. My wife gave me the Stress Relief by HomeopathyStore.com and within minutes of taking 3 pellets I felt a comforting calm and peace of mind. I was really surprised by how quick and effective the remedy was, and I plan on using it again."
– David, NJ
  "I really like the dispensers that are used for the remedies. The dispensers are about the size of a lip balm, but unlike lip balm, so far I've never had the problem of the lid coming off in my purse! Kudos to HomeopathyStore.com for coming up with an innovative and effective container."
– Kate, DC
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