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Single Remedies

LACTOSE FREE               GLUTEN FREE               KOSHER               VEGAN 

Looking for a large selection of single remedies? HomeopathyStore offers frequently used as well as hard to find single remedies.

Note: Depending on the search term, other products will be displayed in the search results as well.

All single remedies are prepared in the U.S. in our certified kosher pharmacy and available as pellets and liquid sprays. Pellets and liquids are free of lactose, free of gluten, and kosher certified by KOF-KLiquid sprays are made with steam distilled water and pure organic, kosher alcohol. They are sugar free.

For single remedies not listed below or remedies in higher potencies, please send us a message or call us at (888) 405-7551.
Our single remedies are custom made for you. Please see our return policy.

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