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Detox Escort Duo

Detox Escort Duo

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Promotes cleansing of elimination centers such as liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, lungs, and more. Helps relieve symptoms of general toxicity including fatigue, increased mucus, abdominal upset, skin conditions, muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain.

Content: 2 lactose-free mouth sprays (30 ml each). Naturally gluten free (3-week supply for 2 or 6-week supply for 1) 



Homeopathic remedies for detox and cleansing. Get 2 bottles and save $3. Detox with your partner, spouse, other family member, or friend. Or indulge yourself in a 6-week detox, revive your key body systems, look better, feel better, and lose weight, too.

Detox Escort promotes detoxification after unbalanced diet, exposure to environmental pollutants, vaccines, use of medications including antibiotics, fungal and parasite infections, smoking, excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, and stress.



Detox at least 2 times per year, optimally for a period of 6 weeks. Shake bottle well before each use. Take 4 sprays under tongue or squirt in small glass of water morning and evening. Allow liquid to remain in mouth for 15 seconds before swallowing. Children 2-12 years of age use 2 sprays per dose and consult a doctor.

Detox for 1 to 3 weeks spontaneously when your body feels overloaded, following vaccinations or a course of antibiotics, or after excessive consumption of unhealthy food or alcohol.


Active homeopathic ingredients: Aesculus hipp. 6X, Equisetum hyemale 6X, Fumaria officinalis 6X, Hydrastis canadensis 6X, Hydrocotyle asiatica 6X, Magnesia muriatica 6X, Oleum olea europaea 6X, Passiflora incarnata 6X, Ribes nigrum 6X, Solidago virgaurea 6X, Ononis spinosa 6X

Inactive ingredients: Demineralized water, organic corn ethanol 20%

Safety Information

If symptoms persist or worsen or if pregnant or nursing, consult a professional healthcare provider. Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

More Information

To read further about the benefits of a homeopathic detox or drainage, see Detox Escort.

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