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All Salts - 12 Cell Salts Combination


All Salts (compare to Bioplasma by Hyland's)

Content: Lactose-free oral spray (30 ml, 200 sprays)


All Salts, the popular cell salts combination of all 12 Schuessler cell salts, is prepared in the 6X potency. We offer All Salts as a dietary supplement in form of a convenient liquid oral spray. The spray is lactose free, sugar free, gluten free, kosher, and vegan.


Adults: Spray 2 to 3 squirts underneath your tongue 3 times a day or as needed.

Children 12 and under: Use 1 spray 3 times a day or as needed. Also consider squirting the spray in a small glass with a few tablespoons of water and sipping it slowly. Or consider putting the spray on your child's wrist (inside of wrist) and rubbing it in gently.


80% distilled water (steamed), 20% pure corn alcohol (organic, kosher)
Sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, kosher, parve, vegan

More information about the manufacturing process

Safety Information

Do not use if plastic outer seal around cap is broken or missing.

If symptoms persist or worsen or if pregnant or nursing, consult a professional healthcare provider. Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

About All Salts & Dr. Schuessler's Biochemic Therapy

All Salts, like Hyland's Bioplasma, is a carefully prepared and popular combination of all 12 Schuessler Cell Salts included in Dr. Schuessler's biochemic therapy - a natural healing system comprised of 12 key mineral salts considered to be the building blocks of the human body. All Salts is recommended for daily mineral support and to improve the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from food and supplements.*

Consider All Salts in order to

  • replenish the body with the 12 most essential minerals for cell health and cell regeneration,
  • keep mineral, electrolyte, and water levels balanced on a daily basis and when exercising,
  • increase energy,
  • support the immune system,
  • improve the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from our food,
  • provide mineral support during any weight loss program.

The "All in One" cell salts blend is also a great way for those who are just becoming familiar with the 12 tissue salts and want to improve overall wellness or begin the healing of chronic complaints. And it represents an easy travel companion.

Cell salts revive the cells of our body and remove waste from the cells — relieving cellular stress and ensuring optimal cell function and growth. Like all cell salts, the All Salts lactose-free liquid spray provides the body with a healthy impulse to better absorb minerals and vitamins from food. The body easily absorbs the stimulus without the negative digestive effects of constipation or diarrhea often triggered by regular mineral supplements.

There are several ways to use All Salts to heal or nourish the body. The most common method is squirting the sprays underneath the tongue, letting the saliva absorb the spray directly into the bloodstream. Another popular way is putting the sprays in water for a refreshing natural electrolyte drink! Spray them in your water bottle to sip throughout the day or add them to your favorite after-workout drink. Or squirt a dozen sprays into a hot bath for a luxurious, detoxifying treat.

Similar to electrolytes, All Salts is crucial to help replenish the body after a hard workoutAthletes can benefit tremendously from taking the 12 cell salts combination in preparation for competitions, and the small 30 ml bottles are easily brought along to the gym, the track, or fit into a pocket for a pick-me-up during a marathon or triathlon. 

Little History: Following the research done by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann on the use of trace minerals in homeopathic medicine, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler defined 12 vital minerals for cell nutrition and growth. Schuessler perfected the process of combining them into the homeopathic formulas which would be most easily absorbed by the body and labeled them as Calcarea FluoricaCalcarea PhosphoricaCalcarea SulphuricaFerrum PhosphoricumKali MuriaticumKali PhosphoricumKali SulphuricumMagnesia PhosphoricaNatrum MuriaticumNatrum PhosphoricumNatrum Sulphuricum, and Silicea. All Salts is the name we gave to the combination of all 12 of these vital cell salts. 

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