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Histaminum Hydrochloricum


Natural solution for antihistamine needs and allergic reactions*

Available as pellets or liquid spray

Pellets: 200 pellets (approximately 50 doses)

Liquid Spray: 30 ml (approximately 70 doses)



Histaminum Hydrochloricum is recommended for allergy symptoms and as a natural solution for any antihistamine needs. It is most frequently used in the 30c potency for acute allergy attacks, hives, or insect bites. Take 1 dose 3 times a day. Take less often as condition improves.

Histaminum Hydrochloricum is available in form of pellets and as a liquid spray. Both pellets and liquids are lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, and certified kosher by KOF-K. Liquid sprays are sugar-free.


Used most frequently in the 30c potency. Take 1 dose 3 times a day. Decrease frequency upon improvement.

One dose consists of 3 to 5 pellets or 1 to 3 sprays. For children, use 1 spray per dose. 

Let pellets drop directly from the cap into your mouth. Allow pellets to dissolve in your mouth.

Spray underneath your tongue. Spray contains organic and kosher alcohol and is for adults and children 13 years of age or older.

Take 15 minutes before or after food or drinks.


Sucrose, starch of corn (GMO free)
Lactose free, gluten free, kosher, parve, vegan

Liquid Spray
80% distilled water (steamed), 20% pure alcohol (organic, kosher)
Sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, kosher, parve, vegan

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More information about the manufacturing process

Safety Information

Do not use if plastic outer seal around cap is broken or missing.
If symptoms worsen or persist or if pregnant or nursing, seek advice of a doctor. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

About the remedy Histaminum Hydrochloricum from the Materia Medica

Main indications:*

  • Hay fever, seasonal allergies
  • Hives, rashes, redness, swelling
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Food allergies

Histaminum Hydrochloricum is a natural remedy for the treatment of allergies. Histamine is an organic compound produced by the body during an allergic reaction. Homeopathic Histaminum helps reduce histamine production in the body and supports the immune system in order to decrease overreactions and hypersensitivities. It is recommended by natural health practitioners for all antihistamine needs.

Histaminum relieves a wide range of allergy symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, congestion, hives, itchy rashes, and even insect bites and abdominal pain or breathing difficulties as a result of food allergies. 

A safe and effective natural solution, Histaminum Hydrocloricum can also be used to alleviate bronchial asthma and sun poisoning with gastric conditions.

Histaminum is most frequently used in the 30c potency at the time of an allergic reaction. Use 3 - 5 pellets or 1 - 3 sprays three times a day. Reduce frequency upon improvement.

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Histaminum Hydrochloriucm is included in several of HomeopathyStore's combination remedies:

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Allergy Escape with Histaminum is formulated for allergy sufferers who experience allergy symptoms from spring to fall and possibly also during the winter months. It is a popular mouth spray created by our team of homeopaths, naturopaths, and homeopathic pharmacists and prepared for everyday use 3 times a day or as often as needed. Allergy Escape blends 8 of homeopathy's best known ingredients to alleviate allergic reactions, including Histaminum Hydrochloricum. Visit Allergy Escape.

Allergy Defense Kit
Our Allergy Defense Kit includes Allergy Escape with Histaminum, Thymuline, and Detox Escort. Thymuline is a homeopathic immune system booster. It supports the action of the Thymus gland which is a vital organ of the immune system and part of the endocrine system. Thymuline is the natural health community's insider tip for a stronger immune system with one dose taken only once or twice a week for optimal protection. Detox Escort is our unique organ and tissue cleanse recommended for 6 weeks before or during allergy season to reduce hypersensitivities. Together, the three remedies form a comprehensive shield against seasonal, environmental, and food allergies. Check out the Kit.

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