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Natural Remedies to Control Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity at Work and School

Posted on July 17, 2016 by HomeopathyStore Team

Top-Rated Homeopathic Remedies and Herbal Supplements for Focus Problems and Restlessness

As technology and globalization increase each year, the negative effects of too much information and countless distractions are beginning to be seen with more and more adults and especially children, suffering from focus problems, attention deficit, and hyperactivity. When work and school begin to be drastically affected, homeopathy and natural supplements offer a healthy, safe, and powerful treatment option. The following are some of our costumers' favorite products and can be used with or without conventional medications.

Synaptol - Homeopathic Formula for Attention Deficit

For both children and adults, Synaptol is a popular homeopathic formula to treat lack of concentration, impulsivity, and disruptive behavior. It's agreeable base of purified and ionized mineral water is free of stimulants and preservatives and easy to ingest. Synaptol is used around the world and has received excellent reviews from people suffering from focus problems, ADD or ADHD, parents, grandparents, health care practitioners, and more.


Focus Excel - Supplement with Herbs, Vitamins, and Vital Nutrients for the Brain

Focus Excel is a supplement which enhances the brain, memory, and cognitive functions. It is free of harsh chemicals, composed of B-vitamins and natural nutrients — taken from ingredients such as Ginseng, Cowhage, and Ginkgo  that support the brain and nervous system and stimulate increased mental capacity. It is recommended for adults who recognize a need for increased focus and concentration, who are recovering from a period of stress or illness which has negatively impacted memory or concentration, or who need support during a mentally taxing period. For adults 18+ years of age, Focus Excel can be combined with Synaptol for optimal results.

Focus Excel

More Natural Remedies and Vitamins for Improved Performance at Work and School

Anxiety Relief

Stress Relief





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