Natural Flu Remedy Influenzinum –

Natural Flu Remedy Influenzinum

Natural Flu Remedy Influenzinum

Popular Natural Remedy and your Best Choice for Holistic Flu Protection

Are you thinking about getting a flu shot but are scared of needles or are concerned about potential vaccine side effects? Or have you opted for the flu vaccine and are looking to reinforce the vaccine's actions? Influenzinum is a natural remedy made with the energetic signature of the season's flu virus strains. It is safe, effective, affordable, and becoming more popular each year. 

How is HomeopathyStore's Influenzinum Made?

Influenzinum is the homeotherapeutic flu remedy that is updated each year based on the flu strains predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO). Made with the remanence or energetic signature of the season's most predominant flu virus strains it is chemical-free, vegan, and safe. Influenzinum does not suppress symptoms but naturally stimulates your body's own defenses and helps arm your immune system against the current flu viruses

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Natural Flu Protection

Influenzinum helps prepare and protect the body against flu viruses and the flu season. It treats after effects of the flu and also reinforces the vaccine's action for people who have opted for the flu vaccine. In addition, Influenzinum can help alleviate adverse effects of the flu shot.

Take 4-5 squirts of Influenzinum once or twice a week during the winter months or year-round to help avoid the flu naturally. Take it in a mouth free of food and keep liquid in your mouth for a few seconds for optimal absorption.

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Influenzinum has been used throughout the world for decades and is becoming more popular each year. Enjoy our natural flu protection remedies to help you stay strong all winter long!

Anna | Natural Health Advocate
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