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Lactose-Free Cold & Flu Remedies | Homeopathy Store

Posted on October 16, 2016 by HomeopathyStore Team

Liquid Remedies for the Cold & Flu 
Lactose-Free ∙ Sugar-Free ∙ Kosher ∙ Vegan

HomeopathyStore now offers liquid cold & flu remedies if you have dietary preferences or food sensitivities. Winter Tonic Plus with Influenzinum, Thymuline Liquid Spray, and Winter Balance II are three remedies helping you naturally build resistance against flu viruses, avert cold & flu symptoms, and relieve them gently should they start to appear. All three remedies are made with distilled water and organic alcohol. They are lactose-free, sugar-free, kosher-certified, and vegan.

Winter Tonic Plus 2016-2017 with Influenzinum

Winter Tonic Plus 2016-2017 is an Influenzinum blend combining the current 2016-2017 flu strains with flu vaccine strains from past years and essential remedies for the cold & flu season. Use once per week to build up your natural defenses against winter viruses and cold & flu symptoms.

Winter Tonic Plus 2016-2017
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Thymuline Liquid Spray

We now offer Thymuline in form of our liquid spray free of lactose and sugar. To follow the popular natural flu protection protocol recommended by complementary and alternative healthcare practitioners, use one dose of Winter Tonic Plus 2016-2017 and one dose of Thymuline per week during the fall and winter. Thymuline is a natural remedy supporting a healthy immune and respiratory system.

Thymuline Liquid Spray
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Winter Balance II

Winter Balance II is our lactose-free, sugar-free, vegan, and kosher-certified mouth spray for acute flu relief should symptoms appear. Made for people with dietary restrictions or food preferences to help you reduce symptoms and recover smoothly and more quickly. Use at the onset of symptoms 4 times a day. Reduce frequency upon improvement.

Winter Balance II
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More Cold & Flu Remedies

Find out more about all our cold & flu and respiratory health remedies. 

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