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Influenzinum in Stock Now

Posted on October 12, 2013 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate

This Year's New and Updated Influenzinum Available Now at HomeopathyStore

Natural Homeopathic remedy InfluenzinumInfluenzinum is now available at HomeopathyStore for delivery in 1 – 3 days! If you pre-ordered this year's Influenzium or our popular Influenzinum & Thymuline flu protection kit, your remedies are on their way to you. If you waited to order for when the remedy would be in stock, Influenzinum is now available for immediate delivery. More information about this natural treatment alternative for the flu, how Influenzinum is made, how to take it, and why it is safe and effective below!

Virus Strain Surveys around the World

Did you know that circulating virus strains are surveilled and analyzed in influenza centers in over 100 countries around the world? These centers send their findings to the World Health Organization (WHO) which recommends specific vaccines viruses each year before the flu season. Every country makes its own decision on which strains to include. In the U.S., the FDA determines the vaccine viruses.

Natural Homeopathic remedy Influenzinum  for flu prevention and treatment
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Thymuline is a Homeopathic remedy for boosting the Immune sistem
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Natural Homeopathic remedy Cold & Flu Armor for the cold and flu
Cold & Flu Relief
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How is Influenzinum Prepared?

Influenzinum 9C is an oral, homeopathically prepared flu season remedy and a natural treatment option recommended by integrative health care providers to prepare the body for the flu season and protect it from flu viruses. Updated every year and made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the Unites States (HPUS), it is diluted and potentized in the lab and rendered entirely safe and non-toxic. Influenzinum has been used for decades around the world and is praised for its effectiveness without the risks of side-effects. Influezinum 9C and Thymuline 9C, a homeopathic remedy improving your immune defense, make an excellent natural flu protection kit.

Natural and Holistic Homeopathic remadies Thymuline and Influenzinum for cold and flu prevention
Influenzinum & Thymuline Combo
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How to Take Influenzinum

During the flu season or year-round, take five pellets of Influenzinum 9C once a week. For increased protection, take five pellets of Thymuline 9C – optimally 15 minutes later – every week. Let the pellets melt completely underneath your tongue in a clean mouth. Should you feel a cold or flu coming on or are already sick, take five pellets of Influenzinum or Cold & Flu Relief as needed. If you opted for the flu vaccine, Influenzinum will benefit you by supporting the vaccine's action.

Clinical Trials of Influenzinum

The effectiveness of Influenzinum has been demonstrated by several clinical studies. A survey of 23 homeopathic doctors and 453 patients in France from 1987 to 1998 showed that in 90% of all cases, no flu occurred when Influenzinum was taken preventively for ages 2 and older. A second study with 100 patients observed that when taken during two consecutive winter seasons, the effectiveness of Influenzinum increased even higher.

Natural Flu Protection Kit – Influenzinum & Thymuline

Influenzinum & Thymuline form a popular natural flu protection kit. Thymuline is a homeopathic remedy fortifying the immune system. It works to support the thymus gland, an essential organ of the immune system and is recommended during the flu and allergy season or in case of a drawn-out illness.

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