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Homeopathic Remedies to Help You Start the New Year Strong

Homeopathic Remedies to Help You Start the New Year Strong

Detox Escort and Cellergy — Homeopathic Remedies to Cleanse, Recharge, and Rejuvenate in 2020

As cliche as "new year, new you" may sound— there is a lot of truth to it! January marks the beginning of a new year (and a new decade!), and it's the ideal time to deeply reflect on your health and your habits — both good and bad. At HomeopathyStore, we are all about defining healthy habits. Find out about two easy-to-adopt health habits that help you feel better and live fully!

The insightful quote by John C.Maxwell sums it up perfectly: "You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

What are you doing now that is helping you feel healthy, strong, and happy?
What habits do you want to begin to be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled? We believe that with the right mindset, choices, and natural remedies, you can get on the road to healing, discover better choices, and adopt successful habits! That's why we created two essential remedies helping you get on track to feel healthier overall and achieve a greater sense of well-being. 

Detox Escort
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Detox Escort Duo
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Detox Escort is a gentle yet thorough homeopathic detox that cleanses and stimulates the body's most important waste-elimination organs. These organs include liver, colon, the lymphatic system, and more.

Cellergy is a mineral support remedy, homeopathically compounded to provide you with the 12 most vital minerals in the most agreeable way for the body. It helps you absorb even more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from your food.

How to Take Detox Escort

Detox Escort is taken in the morning and evening. Spray 4 squirts directly on or under your tongue. For optimal absorption take it in a mouth free of food or strong flavors several minutes before or after eating and drinking, water excepted. If you can, detox for 6 weeks, but know that any amount of days or weeks you can dedicate to a detox is beneficial to your waste-elimination system. After 6 weeks, take a break. Detoxing with homeopathy is a rejuvenating habit that can be enjoyed up to 4 times a year. To buy 2 bottles of Detox Escort for a 6-week cleanse, see Detox Escort Duo and save $3.

Detox Escort
Buy Detox Escort by Anna's Remedies

Read more about the benefits of Detox Escort and cleansing with homeopathy in our detox blog.

How to Take Cellergy?

Cellergy is taken two to three times a day directly in the mouth or squirted into your water bottle. We recommend it at least 5 days per week, but feel free to take it even more often if needed. Also consider skipping a week here and there. In the natural health community, we believe in taking breaks from remedies and letting the body tell you when it needs the remedy again. 

Cellergy by Anna's Remedies is a liquid, lactose-free, and user-friendly spray of the popular and time-tested combination of the 12 cell or tissue salts first analyzed and documented over 100 years ago by German Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler. Schuessler connected illnesses with the lack of one or more cell salts which are responsible for very specific functions in the cells of the body. For that reason, he called the 12 cell salts "functional remedies".

Buy Cellergy, 12 Cell Salts Combination

Read more about the 12 Schuessler cell salts.

Welcome to 2020 Sale

Right now to kick off 2020 and help inspire healthier habits and make them stick, we are offering 15% off Cellergy, Detox Escort, and Detox Escort Duo. Use code REJUVENATE2020 at checkout! Offer expires on 1/31/2020.

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