Homeopathic Allergy Sprays and Elderberry Liquid Extract

Homeopathic Allergy Sprays and Elderberry Liquid Extract

My Personal Allergy Story by HomeopathyStore's Anna

Memorial Day weekend means exploring the outdoors and having fun doing it. If you or a loved one deals with allergies, I thought I’d share my own story with allergies and the help of homeopathic remedies.

My allergy journey started when I attended college. Every spring when flowers were in bloom and the stress of exams overwhelmed me, I got a stuffy nose and sinus headache. As a young professional, the symptoms developed into year-round congestion and a splitting headache and nausea during days of high pollen levels. Finally, I turned to homeopathy and never looked back.

In the years that followed, I worked with homeopaths and homeopathic manufacturers to combine the remedies that help me and them into one allergy spray and called it Allergy Escape. My allergy symptoms are down to a few instances every spring and fall. When I experience the first signs, Allergy Escape reminds my body that there is no need to overreact and helps me control further symptoms for the rest of the season.

Here is more information about the Top Homeopathy Remedies for Allergies in Allergy Escape. Why allergies are bothering us and more tips to control them can be found in our blog 5 Things You Need to Know about Allergies.

Sinus issues weren’t new to me when my allergies started. As a kid growing up in cold Austrian winters, congestion and sore throats were as common as delicious cakes and pastries. Homeopathy introduced my to detox remedies that help clean the mucous membranes, liver and other vital organs, and support the lymphatic system. I still remember the day, morning actually, during my first homeopathic detox, when I woke up without a stuffy nose. Wow! How was that possible? Detox Escort makes it possible.

Read more about the Benefits of a Homeopathic Detox.

I kept hearing more and more about the wonders of Elderberry for the immune system. I wasn’t aware right away that this was the fruit of the “Holunder” shrub in my grandmother’s backyard, but once I knew I was right on it. We found a maker of the most powerful and pure Elderberry Liquid Extract and added it to our Allergy Defense Kit.

This Memorial Day HomeopathyStore is offering 10% OFF all our allergy products with code SPRING2022. Check them out, read more about them, and if you need allergy relief, you found it here with us. Offer ends May 31, 2022.

Happy Memorial Day weekend and a fabulous start of the summer!

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Anna | Natural Health Advocate
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