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Must-Have Homeopathic Cold & Flu Remedies

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate

Influenzinum,  Thymuline, Cold & Flu Relief – Natural, Effective Homeopathic Medicines Help Prevent and Treat Colds and Flu

Homemopathic cold and flu remedies and flu shot alternativeStock up on these must-have remedies from the natural homeopathic cold & flu medicine cabinet! When looking for fast-acting natural formulas that prevent and treat colds and the flu and strengthen your immune system, homeopathy is your best friend. Take them preventively, when you feel the first symptoms, or as needed and keep you and your family naturally strong and healthy during the flu season!

Influenzinum – Flu Shot Alternative

Influenzinum 9C is the homeopathic remedy prepared every year with the new influenza vaccine strains predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is a perfect flu shot alternative when you and your child do not want to be vaccinated with conventional needles or are concerned about possible vaccine side effects. Influenzinum is an excellent cold and flu remedy powerfully preventing and relieving symptoms, alleviating adverse effects after a conventional flu shot, and also enforcing the vaccine's action should you have opted for the flu shot. Take three pellets of Influenzinum 9C once a week for prevention. Take three pellets as needed if you are already suffering from the flu. For all ages! The new Influenzinum and the below mentioned new Influenzinum & Thymuline Combo are currently available for pre-order and will be shipped in mid-October.

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Thymuline – Immune Booster

The thymus is a gland behind your breastbone and a key organ of the immune system. It protects your body against intruders. The remedy Thymuline supports the action of the Thymus thus naturally strengthening the immune system. Thymuline helps fight viruses and bacteria and is especially beneficial during cold, flu, and allergy season. Take three pellets of Thymuline 9C once a week or when needed during fall and winter and when suffering from allergies. Influenzinum 9C and Thymuline 9C together are considered the best natural flu prevention kit praised by natural and complementary health practitioners. The remedies are sold separately or together as Influenzinum & Thymuline Combo.

Natural Homeopathic immune system booster Thymuline
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Natural Homeopathic remedy kit Influenzinum and Thymuline
Influenzinum & Thymuline
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Cold & Flu Relief – Popular Combination Remedy

Cold & Flu Relief is our popular combination of 7 powerful homeopathic ingredients known to quickly relieve fever and chills, runny nose, coughs, nausea, and fatigue. If taken at the onset of symptoms, Cold & Flu Relief can help you avoid more severe symptoms altogether. Also consider taking this remedy before visiting crowded indoor spaces, schools, and hospitals, or before boarding an airplane.

Natural Homeopathic cold and flu remedy Cold And Flu Armor
Cold & Flu Relief
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More Remedies

Natural Homeopathic sore throat remedy
Sore Throat Soothe
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Sinus Relief
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For more information, including clinical studies, about Influenzinum, read our newsletter Flu Shot Alternative: Influenzinum. For tips on how Thymuline, seasonal foods, and outdoor activities can improve your immune response, see Natural Immune Boosters.

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