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Natural, Safe Relief from Menopause Symptoms with Homeopathy

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Ladan | Holistic Health Practitioner

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Natural and holistic remedy Menopause Relief for the relief of menopause simptomsAre you taking good care of yourself? As women make daily, healthy choices for their families, they sometimes need to be reminded to take better care of themselves, too. Homeopathy offers a natural and effective solution to improve the health, safety, and well-being of women. Read about homeopathic remedies and healthy lifestyle choices that relieve menopause symptoms and support your body during one of life's most important transitions. 

Menopause Definition

Menopause is a natural progression in a woman’s life where the ovaries stop producing eggs and the woman stops menstruating. Menopause can occur anytime between the age of 45-55, and it can vary per individual. As women are getting closer to this stage of life, the body gradually decreases estrogen and progesterone production which can cause the experience of various symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, and irregular sleep.

Lifestyle Factors

A University of Maryland School of Medicine study states that 80% of women in the U.S. experience hot flashes vs. only 10% of Japanese women. Various studies have shown that poor diet, stress, and lifestyle are factors in elevating these symptoms. Menopause is a time to take better care of yourself, to stay active, maybe even pick up your physical exercise schedule, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid caffeine and tobacco.

Menopause & Homeopathy

Menopause is a natural transition, and its symptoms simply indicate change in the body, they are no signs of illness. Homeopathic medicine can reduce the discomfort experienced during this transition, balance the overall systems of your body, and gently guide them from within to adjust to the new hormone levels and body chemistry.


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Healthy Choices

In addition, women who suffer from moderate to severe menopause symptoms are encouraged to avoid hot beverages, spicy foods, and alcohol, to practice relaxation and breathing exercises, and consume foods rich in minerals and vitamins to support a healthy heart and healthy bones: leafy greens, soy products, fish, beans, and yogurt. Your healthy choices together with homeopathic remedies will help control mood swings, balance hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, and support your sleep pattern.

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