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Immune System Strength

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate
Natural homeopathic imunne boosters and stress relievers

Natural Remedies and Stress Relievers to Boost Your Immune Response


The homeopathic remedy Thymuline naturally boosts immunity by supporting the thymus gland, an organ located high in the chest and central to the immune system. It fends off viruses and bacteria and helps prevent and relieve respiratory conditions and any infection associated with low immune defenses. One dose per week during the winter months is recommended by complementary health practitioners.

Healthy Guts

Did you know that 80% of the cells that make up the immune system are found in the wall of the gut? This is why a balanced digestive system is inseparably linked to a strong immune system.

Stress Reduction

Find out about the 5 best natural ways to reduce stress and up your immunity. By our own Ladan, homeopath and yoga teacher.

Season's Best

The 12 Schuessler Cell Salts are key minerals responsible for building and renewing cells. They increase overall health and treat and prevent diseases and infections. Get our popular Cell Salts Kit - all 12 Cell Salts plus a FREE bottle of Bioplasma (combination of all 12 minerals) with the November 2014 discount code.

Tip of the Month

Elderberry Syrup and Savasana (Deep Relaxation) Pose

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